Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Reliable Child Care Challenge!

Barbie I Can Be Babysitter PlaysetI have a really hard time finding reliable child care. I don't know if it's me, or the people I hire. I am almost beginning to think it's me.

One time I hired someone and even bought her lunch when I interviewed her and she didn't show up. She didn't even answer her phone. Then about 4 months later I got a text from her asking me to retract a review that I posted at the agency that I use to find child care providers. This young woman went so far as to say that she was in a near fatal car accident that left her with a crushed pelvis and that she had no way of contacting me for that length of time and that she was fired from her job elsewhere (no respectful business would do that if someone was in such a life threatening situation). Out of the goodness of my heart I retracted the review. I am still skeptical.

I am not like some child care employers. I don't expect a lot. I do expect my kids to like the person who is taking care of them and I expect them to pick up after themselves. I do have one pet too many but they aren't that hard to manage. My house is clean. I also tell my sitters to help themselves to food and drinks. It's a pretty good gig with pay. At least I think it is. I'd Really Like to Eat a Child (Picture Book)There is also the fact that some of these people think they should be paid a professional salary for sitting in my house, eating my food and watching my television. Sorry folks you get paid a professional salary when you have a degree and many, many years of experience. I went to college got my degree and now I have over 17 years of experience and the salary that reflects that.

Step2 New Traditions Table & Chairs SetExcuse Me!: A Little Book of MannersWith the summer coming I hope I won't be hunting someone new for child care. I had to hunt this week again. I finally got in touch with a sitter that I used a lot last fall (who consequently had been unavailable for a few months). Interviewing sitters is a really pain in the butt. It's hard for us we have no family nearby and my children are home educated so they are too old to go to daycare. Soon my son will be old enough to take care of his younger sibling. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Is It Really True?

I remember exactly where I was on 9/11/01. I'd be willing to bet just about everyone I know remembers exactly what they were doing the moment that first jet hit the twin towers. Not to sound ungrateful but I The 9/11 Commission Reportwould like to have seen Bin-Laden on American soil. The details are still a little sketchy to me but if the President gives a speech to say they had eliminated him I should believe. There is always a second in command. I don't think we will ever be rid of Al-Quaida.  However I will never give up hope we rid mankind of those who only hate.

In another thought. We are getting ready for a round of storms again this afternoon and evening. I am Tornado Alert (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)thinking only positive thoughts and hope those that were severely impacted by the recent bombardment of severe weather are spared from a second attack. Burt Case (those of my readers here in MS know him) is looking rather grave today it has been a rather busy newsy weekend.

I saw some posts on my Facebook home-page that read, "This weekend was like a Disney fairy-tale. The girl married the prince and the bad guy is dead." I was tickled when I saw that. If you read my last post I was up at 3am to watch the wedding of William and Kate. LIFE The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (Life (Life Books))

Hope the day brings less excitement and bad weather than it had over the past week. I wish everyone a quiet uneventful day.