Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Kill...Will It Work on the Oil Spewing into the Gulf?

Yesterday mid afternoon BP began pumping mud into the leaking well in an effort to stop it from spewing more oil into the gulf.  Officials say it will be at least 24 hours to know if the attempt has been successful.  BP plans to eventually pour cement into the well to seal it.

So far at least 7 million gallons of oil has spilled into the gulf.  The top kill has been used above ground but never has been tried 5,000 feet beneath the sea.  President Obama plans a trip to Louisiana on Friday.

The live feed of the well may be experience a lot of traffic and has been blank.  Here are the links that will take you to the live feeds from ROV cams:  or BP’s web site.  Only time will tell if they can get the situation under control.  There is already damage to Louisiana wetlands and passes, yet no effort in keeping the oil from invading the coast line.

Photos of Ship Island, Gulf Coast Mississippi.  See the dolphin in the bottom photo.  Photos by:  Steve Lochmann

Ship Island one of the barrier islands along the coast Old Fort Massachusetts is situated there and a ferry takes beach goers back and forth during the beach season several times a day.  Here are photos from the effort to keep the island from becoming too damaged:View oil spill photos.  There are environmentalists planted on the island cleaning up any oil that has washed ashore immediately.  People are still going to the island which is a national park and protected under wildlife and fisheries.  For more information click this link: Ship Island History

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

As a resident of Mississippi and a frequent beach goer (and lover) I am extremely upset about what is happening on our Gulf Shores.  As of today oil is still spilling from the well at 210,000 gallons per day.  Here is a link for the live feed of the well 

They are today Wednesday, June 26th, 2010 planning to top kill the well and apply cement to stop the well from leaking.  They say there is a 60 to 70 percent chance of Stopping the oil leak. Oil has already reached Grand Isle, Louisiana.  Fishing and crabbing boats are prohibited right now and rumors of law suits for lost wages are brewing.  

Will we be able to stop the leak and save our precious Gulf Coast ecosystem?  As of today there is no end in sight.  Below is a slide show of Grand Gulf Isle where oil has made land fall and the park is closed.

What can we do to help the oil spill?  Clicking on the question will take you to a website that has several ways in which you can donate time or money to help with this disaster.  Collectively we have to send positive thoughts that this tragedy has ended with little to no permanent damage.

Home Schooling?

Two more days and the kids are finished for the summer.  I can't wait to sleep in and the kids to be well rested and happy.  We will get lots of swimming and outside time and then we will see if we can get some school work started.  I am still praying that it will work for us.  I have decided on a curriculum and will get some ideas on unit study.  There should be a home school picnic coming up in the next few weeks.  I can't wait for that.  Andrew really likes meeting new kids and Erin loves it.  I on the other hand when it comes to meeting new people in person, not so good.  I get so tongue tied and never know what to say.

I notice at the public school that the kids attend,  there are some parents that just waltz in and out of there like it's a special club or something.   Oh well, I guess I won't have to worry about that until the oldest one goes to high school.  Andrew's violin class is performing for the 5th grade class this morning.  I still hope that he can participate next year with them.  How come the decision to homeschool has made me feel happy in my heart and when I sent them to public school there was always a sense of sadness and anxiety.  I still feel that every morning. It has to be a sign.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maybe Some Good News

Okay...Got a bite or so we think...A lady viewed the house yesterday and said it was the nicest one she had seen and wants to look at it again with her mother. I sure hope that she decides to go for it.

I went to the gym today for the first time in a long time. I weighed in at 146lbs...I am so ashamed I haven't weighed that since I was nine months pregnant with my last child 6 years ago. I have got to get rid of it. Starting today no more eating after 7 pm...Drink tea or something, no food. Is it since I hit 40 my metabolism has slowed that much? I did quit smoking and they say your metabolism decreases when you do. I suppose I shouldn't gripe but I sure feel this weight especially since it's all around my middle.

It's raining outside and I really feel sleepy. I sure did feel good after my workout but now I am cold and feeling stiff. I think I'll lay down for a few minutes before the kids get home from school.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good News

Someone actually showed some interest in our house today.  I had to scramble to get things put away because to tell the truth we had given up on anyone taking any interest.  You see, we own a very small home and we have outgrown it.  Two children, two dogs and a cat in an 1100 foot home.  Not working...We want to move into our new home but we have to sell first.  We were sure we had hit a snag as the first time home owner incentive is now expired.

Here's hoping we can get a buyer soon.  I have such high hopes that we can be moved before the summer is out.  My children only have one more week left of school before they are out for the summer...

I am still very adamant about homeschooling them this next school year.  I am hoping my experiment with it this summer will work.  I just have to have a good attitude and know that it is the best thing for my kids.  I have pretty much got my curriculum sorted out I just need to think about unit studies but only if I can get these kids to buckle down and learn from me...If it doesn't work I'll have to figure out a better way to get them the quality education that they need.  Wish me luck and things will work out as planned.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ode to Nurses

A Nurse must have a heart
That's bigger than the rest.
How else can she see the worst
And give her best.
She puts on a brave face
With any sign of danger.
Cheeks lined with weariness,
Yet a smile to comfort a stranger.
She knows that with
kindness and love
There is always room to
Rise above.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Rash is Under Control

Finally...I did some research and they say allergic hives have nothing to do with a nervous condition.  Claritin has been our savior.  That has been the only thing that worked.  The hubby took him to see Iron Man II on Friday but they had to leave because I forgot to give Andrew his Claritin and he broke out in hives in the middle of the movie.  Oh well they can buy the blu-ray when it comes out.

I cannot wait until this School year is over.  I am planning to homeschool my kids from now on.  I decided to let them finish out the school year so not to irritate or hurt anyone's (the teacher's) feelings.  I am really unsatisfied with how my children are being taught.  They are both exceptionally bright but they are both exceptionally bored and frustrated and tired of school.

I am tired of going to work and someone dictating what I have to do in my free time which consists of fighting with my kids to get homework done and having to teach my kids what is required to be able to complete the homework because they didn't learn it in the classroom.  My kindergartener (who is just learning to read) brings home homework that I have to decipher for her so she can complete it.

 I might as well be keeping them home so 1) they can get a good night's sleep 2) our stress level is lower 3) our personal time is our personal time 4) I don't have to send my kids with strangers to fend for themselves 5) We can travel and do things without having to schedule them around school.  Then traveling times won't be as busy either 6) We won't have to buy school clothes, supplies, backpacks, shoes until we need to.  I could go on but I don't have time.
Ten Great Reasons to Homeschool
If there are any homeschoolers out that that read this.  I would love to hear from you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Rash on Thursday

I am really starting to get frustrated with this rash thing.  Andrew's arms were covered with hives this morning.  I gave him the Prednisone and sprayed his arms with itch spray.  I hope the medicine kicks in so he can spend the day at school and I don't have to pick him up.  The poor kids was so miserable last night until the Benadryl kicked in.  He went to sleep but he wet the bed last night (I really think this is something to do with nerves).   My Husband gets nervous hives and so does my Mom.

If the child breaks out again tonight I am going to keep him home tomorrow from school.  This is just another reason for me to homeschool my kids especially my son.  Is the stress that he is under going to help him?  Will it make him tougher?  Somehow I just don't think subjecting my 9 year old child to so much stress is a good thing.  I as an adult have learned how to handle stressful situations but being thrown into them as a child without parental guidance is just not healthy...period.

The Rash on Wednesday

I am starting to wonder if this is a nervous thing he has.  He had gotten overheated this afternoon while we were at the store.  His chubby little cheeks are all red from the steroids.  After he had his shower he started to itch and he broke out in terrible hives all over him again.   Maybe too long a period between steroid doses or the Claritin wore off...Probably a combination of the two.

They gave him a little extra stress today and made him take the MCT2 test that he missed plus the one that was administered today.  I happened to proctor one of the 5th grade classes while they took their test today.  That was interesting.  They are really strict with how the test is administered.  They don't want anyone to cheat.  They give the kids peppermints during the test to stimulate them.  Fifth graders are very mature these days too.  The class that I was watching was so quiet and respectful.  They looked very tired though.  Some of the kids who finished the test before everyone else actually put their heads on their desks and went to sleep.

I sure hope my child wakes up without the welts and the itching tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Rash on Tuesday


Just another day in the allergic reaction prone household of the Exhausted Nurse. My son broke out in hives last night. Today he was supposed to be doing the MCT 2 testing at his school. I didn't know what to do so I hopped him up with antihistamines and sent him to school with a note.

Dear Teacher,
George is having an allergic reaction to something. I sent him to school because I didn't know what to do about the tests. I have given him some medication for it. Please call me when the testing is over so I can pick him up, or if I can just come and get him before the tests start.

The Exhausted Nurse

I changed some of the names. Anyhow they made my kid call me before the tests started and come and pick him up. Now we are on Benadryl and Steroids (Orapred to be exact). Poor kid, before I sent him to school even the bottom of his feet and his palms were itching. What would you have done?