Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good News

Someone actually showed some interest in our house today.  I had to scramble to get things put away because to tell the truth we had given up on anyone taking any interest.  You see, we own a very small home and we have outgrown it.  Two children, two dogs and a cat in an 1100 foot home.  Not working...We want to move into our new home but we have to sell first.  We were sure we had hit a snag as the first time home owner incentive is now expired.

Here's hoping we can get a buyer soon.  I have such high hopes that we can be moved before the summer is out.  My children only have one more week left of school before they are out for the summer...

I am still very adamant about homeschooling them this next school year.  I am hoping my experiment with it this summer will work.  I just have to have a good attitude and know that it is the best thing for my kids.  I have pretty much got my curriculum sorted out I just need to think about unit studies but only if I can get these kids to buckle down and learn from me...If it doesn't work I'll have to figure out a better way to get them the quality education that they need.  Wish me luck and things will work out as planned.  

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