Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Kill...Will It Work on the Oil Spewing into the Gulf?

Yesterday mid afternoon BP began pumping mud into the leaking well in an effort to stop it from spewing more oil into the gulf.  Officials say it will be at least 24 hours to know if the attempt has been successful.  BP plans to eventually pour cement into the well to seal it.

So far at least 7 million gallons of oil has spilled into the gulf.  The top kill has been used above ground but never has been tried 5,000 feet beneath the sea.  President Obama plans a trip to Louisiana on Friday.

The live feed of the well may be experience a lot of traffic and has been blank.  Here are the links that will take you to the live feeds from ROV cams:  or BP’s web site.  Only time will tell if they can get the situation under control.  There is already damage to Louisiana wetlands and passes, yet no effort in keeping the oil from invading the coast line.

Photos of Ship Island, Gulf Coast Mississippi.  See the dolphin in the bottom photo.  Photos by:  Steve Lochmann

Ship Island one of the barrier islands along the coast Old Fort Massachusetts is situated there and a ferry takes beach goers back and forth during the beach season several times a day.  Here are photos from the effort to keep the island from becoming too damaged:View oil spill photos.  There are environmentalists planted on the island cleaning up any oil that has washed ashore immediately.  People are still going to the island which is a national park and protected under wildlife and fisheries.  For more information click this link: Ship Island History

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