Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Rash on Thursday

I am really starting to get frustrated with this rash thing.  Andrew's arms were covered with hives this morning.  I gave him the Prednisone and sprayed his arms with itch spray.  I hope the medicine kicks in so he can spend the day at school and I don't have to pick him up.  The poor kids was so miserable last night until the Benadryl kicked in.  He went to sleep but he wet the bed last night (I really think this is something to do with nerves).   My Husband gets nervous hives and so does my Mom.

If the child breaks out again tonight I am going to keep him home tomorrow from school.  This is just another reason for me to homeschool my kids especially my son.  Is the stress that he is under going to help him?  Will it make him tougher?  Somehow I just don't think subjecting my 9 year old child to so much stress is a good thing.  I as an adult have learned how to handle stressful situations but being thrown into them as a child without parental guidance is just not healthy...period.

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