Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Rash on Wednesday

I am starting to wonder if this is a nervous thing he has.  He had gotten overheated this afternoon while we were at the store.  His chubby little cheeks are all red from the steroids.  After he had his shower he started to itch and he broke out in terrible hives all over him again.   Maybe too long a period between steroid doses or the Claritin wore off...Probably a combination of the two.

They gave him a little extra stress today and made him take the MCT2 test that he missed plus the one that was administered today.  I happened to proctor one of the 5th grade classes while they took their test today.  That was interesting.  They are really strict with how the test is administered.  They don't want anyone to cheat.  They give the kids peppermints during the test to stimulate them.  Fifth graders are very mature these days too.  The class that I was watching was so quiet and respectful.  They looked very tired though.  Some of the kids who finished the test before everyone else actually put their heads on their desks and went to sleep.

I sure hope my child wakes up without the welts and the itching tomorrow morning.

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