Monday, May 17, 2010

The Rash is Under Control

Finally...I did some research and they say allergic hives have nothing to do with a nervous condition.  Claritin has been our savior.  That has been the only thing that worked.  The hubby took him to see Iron Man II on Friday but they had to leave because I forgot to give Andrew his Claritin and he broke out in hives in the middle of the movie.  Oh well they can buy the blu-ray when it comes out.

I cannot wait until this School year is over.  I am planning to homeschool my kids from now on.  I decided to let them finish out the school year so not to irritate or hurt anyone's (the teacher's) feelings.  I am really unsatisfied with how my children are being taught.  They are both exceptionally bright but they are both exceptionally bored and frustrated and tired of school.

I am tired of going to work and someone dictating what I have to do in my free time which consists of fighting with my kids to get homework done and having to teach my kids what is required to be able to complete the homework because they didn't learn it in the classroom.  My kindergartener (who is just learning to read) brings home homework that I have to decipher for her so she can complete it.

 I might as well be keeping them home so 1) they can get a good night's sleep 2) our stress level is lower 3) our personal time is our personal time 4) I don't have to send my kids with strangers to fend for themselves 5) We can travel and do things without having to schedule them around school.  Then traveling times won't be as busy either 6) We won't have to buy school clothes, supplies, backpacks, shoes until we need to.  I could go on but I don't have time.
Ten Great Reasons to Homeschool
If there are any homeschoolers out that that read this.  I would love to hear from you.

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