Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AD/HD Is The Diagnosis We Got From A Psychiatrist.

We got a diagnosis for my child this week. The psychiatrist said AD/HD. While he still has some gross motor difficulties, rarely talks outside the home and has tremendous difficulty making friends. Some of these symptoms go along with AD/HD, but not all. Cory Stories: A Kid's Book about Living with ADHDI do have immediate family members who have AD/HD with other learning disabilities. Now we need to see about treatment options. But what if we are treating him for the wrong thing?

We won't get in to see our pediatrician for treatment until August 16. It's a good thing we homeschool because there is no way we could start treatment and school at the same time. Change is not something my son is very good at.  

Some might say he just needs some discipline. I have another child who learns from her mistakes, she doesn't repeat behavior that has been corrected. Her reactions are not violently incongruent for simple requests. She receives the same discipline as her brother and we don't have learning, behavioral and motor skill difficulties with her.The ADD & ADHD Answer Book: Professional Answers to 275 of the Top Questions Parents Ask We have an exceptionally bright child with at disability, where do we go from here? We need help and have to wait on someone else's schedule to get it.

Nowadays you go to the doctor and wait and wait and then they rush you out the door as fast as they can, they barely listen. I know first hand, the Doctor's time is always more valuable than yours. We are so stuck with my son, we can't progress until we have some help. The psychiatrist said that he would grow out of his extreme shyness and the nervous tics and the twirling and that medication would help him concentrate on schoolwork. We took him there for diagnostic testing specifically for behavior problems all the questionnaires that we filled out were for AD/HD nothing else. Apparently any other diagnosis was out of the question.

AD/HD kids do get better but they need specific therapy to learn how to cope, they don't  "just grow out of it."  I know when to ask for help. We homeschool because we feel as though we can nurture our children's strengths instead of corralling them into schools who just teach according to state testing. But like I mentioned before we are at a crossroads with my son. We need help, and more answers.20 Pack Of High Achiever Educational Computer Software Fun and Entertaining for Middle and High School Students Grades 6 7 8 9 10 11 and 12th Grade Math Mathematics Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Study Skills US History Government English Spelling Science 50 Activities and Games for Kids with ADHD The Impulse Control Game Attention Games: 101 Fun, Easy Games That Help Kids Learn To Focus

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