Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pretentiousness and Internet Authors

I have begun to believe that most people who write on the internet are pretentious and untruthful.  I say this only with about a year into trying my hand at this.  The pretentious ones are just that.  They make up the facts and make themselves look so very important when they are usually the opposite of what they really are on the other side of the keyboard.

Having membership on several writing sites I have noticed two things.  One, most of these sites are full of spammers.  Two, the rest of them are scammers and liars.  When I say pretentious I am not kidding these people are so full of pretentious notions and really just trying to get your money.  I have made only one sale on a piece and that was to a small magazine.

This will probably be the last time I make a note on this site for a while.  I am rather burned out on the whole blogger, internet author thing.  My husband warned me about this happening and I thought he was crazy.  I guess he was right for once.

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