Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beginning Homeschooling

We started our odyssey I call homeschooling.  My son has balked at any attempts to get him to learn something.  The nicer you are to him the less he does.  He is nine and has been going to public school since preschool and has just scraped by.  He and I have clashed and argued and fought every day since the curriculum was introduced.  Today has been particularly stressful.

My son is burned out with school and learning and I know it is really going to be a challenge for me to get him to do the work without a fight.  It makes me very sad that the public school took away his love of learning and turned it into a tedious unrewarding chore.  I have got to find a happy medium.  I have a super stubborn child who refuses to make any effort at learning new skills.  How do I make it enjoyable for him again?

Wow I think I just answered my own question.  I have several tests or questionnaires that tell you individual learning styles.  I think that will be the lesson plan tomorrow.  I feel more optimistic now.  Search Amazon.com for learning strategies

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