Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Inspection and USA International Ballet Competition

We got through the house inspection and we're home to speak.  A few minor things that can be fixed easily.  We will close at the end of next month and move into our new house.  My husband is happy and relaxing right now as the worst part is over, at least in his mind.  Is there anything more nerve racking than selling and buying a house?  The young man buying our house is really excited he drove by a couple of times looking at the outside.  The same thing we've been doing with the house that we are buying.

The USA International Ballet Competition was amazing.  The second competitor was from Canada she was terrific.  The athletic stamina those dancers have is amazing.  My five year old was inspired to  practicing her ballet positions today.  She said she really enjoyed herself. Check out for more information.  It's a great show and the tickets are really inexpensive.  


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