Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beginning to Homeschool

It has been an interesting month.  We moved into a much bigger home with a much bigger mortgage.  I am homeschooling my children for the first time this year.  Needless to say I have been less than enchanted with the public schools and I am not paying for private school for the same thing.

My children are slowly getting into it.  I met with a formerly home-schooled woman today.  She has a college education.  She felt good about being homeschooled because she had the freedom to choose her own interests and develop the skills needed to pursue a career of her choice.  Not having to learn what everyone else does and learning to learn within her learning ability not someone telling her to learn the way they say to learn.

So far my son's attitude has changed for the better.  He is much happier, talkative, less nervous and less sleep deprived.  So far we are learning and testing well.  We shall see where my nerves end up, but at least I am not sleep deprived either.  

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