Thursday, June 21, 2012

24 Pounds Lost That Don't Want To Be Found

 I lost 24 pounds  following the Dukan Diet. I have been at a standstill for two months now but have not been following the diet either. I haven't gained any weight though. I am running and exercising 5-6 days a week too. I also agreed to do a half marathon in January. A whole marathon has always been a goal for me so if I can complete a half marathon then I can do a whole one. The Boston or New York Marathon would be something I could reach for.

I have never been much for running but now that I am older and have gotten the hang of it I really love it. The shoes were the clincher. Just kidding but that helped. You have to have good shoes and fitted properly for the way that you run. The freedom that I feel when I run and the way that it raises my heart rate is really gratifying. Plus every week I can run farther and faster.

I still feel as though I need to lose at least 8 more pounds to get rid of the pudgy middle and I read that the lighter you are the faster you are at running. It has been hard but I am trying to think of food as fuel not as something to comfort me or for pleasure. Still every evening I am munching on something that I know I shouldn't. I do have a hard time going to bed without eating something I just don't need to pig out.

There are so many opinions about sports nutrition out there it's very confusing. I have read stuff that people swear by. Recovery supplements has been an obsession for me lately. Recovery meals are supposed to cut down on soreness after a workout. So far not any tricks that I have come across have worked, so I have decided they are all full of s**t. Although if I hydrate and eat a banana and some nuts I don't tend to feel like I am starving two hours after a long run or hard workout.

Gotta run.....

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