Monday, February 27, 2012

The AD/HD Medication Holiday Experiment

Okay so we tried the child off of his AD/HD medication for the last three days. General physician consensus does not recommend doing this. My child forgot to take his when I had to work on Friday and the babysitter was all impressed about how happy he was all day and playing and having fun. By Sunday night my husband was saying he doesn't need to be off his meds he has been out of control all day. I had to agree because all the cupboard doors were left open in the kitchen, a rolling chair was in front of one (you get the picture) and all of the soda and drink boxes were gone.

We took the medication today, he has been able to concentrate and has been fairly quiet but slightly irritable. As we speak both children are at the table doing math-quietly. My sister doesn't give her child his AD/HD medications when he is not in school (weekends, holidays, summer time). She says she just ignores his behavior because he can't help it. She only has him at home no other children so I can see that as being okay. My kid chases the cats around, turns furniture upside down, interrupts, eats continuously and takes way too many risks. I agree he can't help his behavior but am I doing him any favors by letting him be out of control?

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