Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working Out The Behavior Problem

My Son's behavior has been much better this week. I wrote out a daily schedule for him and his sister and they have been trying to follow it. We have been getting regular fresh air and exercise and using lots of praise for the good behavior. He still has his moments but I think he gets it for the most part. I have to wonder if my threat of being unable to keep him at home made an impact (I added some emotional emphasis when I proffered that speech).Happy Birthday Cake 5 1/2" in Diameter

At least I care enough to try to help my child be a better person. I do wonder if hormones have anything to do with this behavior. The mood swings are really frequent and sometimes severe. I asked my mother if I was really moody and she didn't seem to recall if I was or not. I recall that I was rather moody. Mom says that we were really good (I have two younger sisters) and played really well together. Mine fight at the drop of a hat.

My son will be 10-years-old next week. He wants to go see a movie with his friend and then just hang out and play video games.Happy Birthday to You!
Curious George and the Birthday SurpriseI guess I am lucky that he has always wanted his birthday to be low key and not some big huge party. I just can't believe ten years has passed by so quickly.

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