Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have been staying up too late and in turn sleeping late, so have the kids.  I kinda feel guilty and I kinda don't.  Isn't that one of the perks of homeschooling?  The sleep schedule I have adopted through the week wreaks havok on the sleep schedule I need to have for the weekends working at the hospital.  I kinda live for Mondays when I can sleep as long as I want. 

On the weekends when I work I can go to sleep no problem but I can't stay asleep.  One reason is I have a neurotic cat that thinks it's cool to go in and out during the witching hour.  I let her out and she scratches at the weather strip on the outside of the door until I let her in, my husband is oblivious to the night time happenings at all times.  Did I mention the cat is 15 years old?

I have to admit I am rather impressed with my kids progress with the homeschooling.  My nonreader reads great and my unmotivated child has learned to love a challenge.  Which leads me to wonder what was going on at school.  My son has finished 4th grade language arts (with good marks) and is starting on 5th grade.  I think it's sad how unmotivated he was.  My children love to be challenged and praised for their good work by their teacher (that'd be me). 

I have to admit that public school teachers have their work cut out for them.  However that is not good enough for me.  I refuse to pay for private school when I can effectively teach the same curriculum at home.  Not to mention the hours of homework and fighting that went on after school.  My kids were tired and burned out, so was I.  They want the parents to do all the work and motivate the kids but they won't let you anywhere near the classroom.  Why all the secrecy?  Why so much homework?

It's not easy to homeschool your kids especially if you are used to having no children at home or work full time.  I work full time on the weekend and teach the kids through the week.  If it was easy to homeschool everyone would do it.  I am not radical hippie, buck-the-system woman or a religious fanatic.  I just want my kids to learn from me, not kids at school or yelling screaming, uptight, and overworked teachers or school systems that have their own agenda. 

I am planning to homeschool them as long as I can or as long as they want.  Will I homeschool through high school?  I don't know I will cross that bridge when I come to it.   


  1. Great to catch up Tammy-glad the homeschooling is going well.Happy new year:)

  2. Hi Ita. Thanks for dropping by and the encouragement. Take care!