Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Thoughts

My Husband wants to challenge me to a "biggest loser" contest.  He proposed this idea last night.  I need to take off the pounds I have gained since I quit smoking last year, and he is at his heaviest weight ever.  We need to get on a diet and exercise program.  My husband seems to think that I can lose weight easier than he can, I on the other hand doubt that it will be easy.  My Mother has used the Suzanne Somers' diet and she seems to be able to keep her weight in check.  I have never really been on a diet before.  I have used "slimfast" before but only because I found it hard to eat actual food before a workout, it was cheaper than other liquid supplements, and has about the same ingredients (it doesn't taste bad either).

We haven't decided what the incentive will be for the winner.  We all (including my son) need to lose about the same percentage of weight.  I find that very interesting even though we are different we have gained about the same percentage of weight over the last year.  We also went out for a long walk after dinner last night.

The only thing I don't like about the Suzanne Somers' diet is that she forbids caffeine and all sugar.  I can deal with the sugar depletion but caffeine  My Mom has done it, and I only drink one large cup of coffee in the morning.  You can have decaf coffee on the diet.  Caffeine withdrawal is rough it causes a headache so bad that won't even go away if you take something for it.  If I withdraw slowly maybe I can get off the stuff.  Apparently caffeine causes insulin levels to rise causing a drop in blood sugar and messes up your metabolism and makes you gain belly fat.

By the way I need to lose 22 pounds.             


  1. I get it...3rd time's the charm, I'm quitting smoking once again, and this time it's going to stick. But although my butt as always been a larger part of my landscape, I was comfortable with that...but when I quit the first time over a year ago, within weeks I'd packed on about 20 lbs, and much of it in belly fat!! WTF??? I've never had rolls around the middle...I know I need to be more active, and plan to work on that this year, but I'm not sure I could give up caffeine. It's one of my 3 basics...caffiene, bread and beer. LOL

  2. Hey...LOL I can't give up the caffeine. I can give up eating but the caffeine no way. I can't go back to the smoking even though the hubby keeps picking them up. I like being a nonsmoker plus I coughed my lungs out so bad the last time I picked one up I haven't bothered. Still think about it from time to time. Good luck quitting again it's hard but you can do it. If I can you can.