Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trying New Things

Did I mention that I have started taking Karate with my 6 year old daughter? I started on Monday. It was fun but a little weird because I was in a class with kids about ten years old and under. Not 100% sure I will keep up with it. Over the years I have gotten used to solitary sports like running. The group thing has me a little intimidated. Wish some of the adults in the group had been a little more inviting. Not one adult spoke or acknowledged I was there except Sensei. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be, the higher belts don't acknowledge the peons without a Gi or a belt.

I'll stick with the karate for now. I did belong to a karate group in high school, but when I learned I had to demonstrate Katas in front of people I decided it wasn't for me. I also hated being used a punching bag for ten year old boys who didn't think it was a bad thing to hit girls or grown ups.

I have also committed myself to helping teach archery to the co-op kids. I am really excited about it. My son already has his bow outfit ready. I will need a bow too but I will wait and get one after we get started. I really need to be doing my homework on the bow shooting. We are doing it through 4H so the kids can get credit for it.

Co-op starts Monday for PEAK members. We are already excited about it. We are going to be participating in Science Explorers, The Science of Cooking, Geography, and Archery. It's going to be a busy fun filled Monday.    

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