Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Got My Son a Puppy (Brussels Griffon)

My Son wanted a Pug.  Pugs are really expensive and hard to find.  I saw an ad in the local newspaper for Pug and Brussels Griffon puppies.  I had never heard of a Brussels Griffon breed of dog so I googled it.  Basically it looks like a pug but with wiry hair like a terrier.  They are rather homely.

Herein lies the journey to the middle of some swamp in Mississippi, to retrieve the Brussels Griffon puppy (thank you GPS).  Amid all the I'm hungry's, and the arguing we made it to a ramshackle trailer home.  We met the breeder's daughter who was very nice.  My Son got to pick the puppy he wanted out of two males.  He picked the smaller of the two.

The puppy peed on my Son on the way home but that has been the only accident that he has had since we brought him home.  The pup's name is Andy and he also slept in his crate until my Husband's alarm went off at 4am.  Also the only time my Son put me in charge of the pup so he could go back to sleep.  I honestly think that getting the pup for him was a good thing.  I at least know that I may end up having to do a lot of the training,  you cannot expect a 9 year-old child to take on that big a responsibility.  He will have to take on the brunt of it though.

I should mention that I have two other rescued dogs who are spoiled rotten but really sweet.  They keep their distance from the pup so far.  But I am sure they are more worried about the crate that arrived with the pup than anything.  Wish us luck. 

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