Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twas the Tuesday Before Christmas

Do you Homeschool All Year Long?

My plan has been to homeschool all year long and take breaks when it suited us.  My son is upset because his friends are all out of school for the holidays and he still has to do school work.  He got over it but I know I am in for a fight with him when summer comes.  That alone makes me wish I had home-schooled them right from the beginning.

The plan this week is to bake cookies for me to take to work on Christmas Day.  Andrew says he will do language arts today and math tomorrow.  I relented on the schedule and said they only have to do one lesson a day during the holidays.  We are having company over for a cook-out on Thursday.  Sorry all my Canadian friends and family (Did I mention cookout in December?).

We are using time4learning and Saxon Math as our traditional stuff.  If anyone would like to buy us Rosetta Stone German Language course we would be forever grateful.  We are participating in some co-ops with other home-schooled children.  I must mention how glad I am to have found PEAK (peaknetwork.org).  They welcomed us with open arms and we have been having a great time.     


  1. Have you looked at the Mango language offerings through the Ridgeland Library? I haven't really explored the program, but it's free. (I hope I'm remembering correctly that you are in Madison County, too. If not, disregard... )

    I don't typically make the kids do schoolwork when the neighborhood kids are off school for holidays, but we do schoolwork through June. We take a long break around Christmas because it's just too stressful for me to keep up with everything.

  2. Oops, I typed that it was through the Ridgeland Library but it's actually through the county library system. (By the way, this is Lisa from PEAK, and I'm glad you found us, too!)

  3. OH, I didn't know the libraries were still offering Mango. I'd heard it had been discontinued, so this is great news! In the past, we have used www.livemocha.com for language study. It's free!

    You're definitely onto something by homeschooling all year. We used to do the same thing, and we're going back to that model starting in January. I haven't broken it to the kids yet, though. :D

    So glad you found PEAK, Tammy!

  4. Hi Lisa and Natalie, so sorry for not seeing these posts sooner. I am not so great at checking the stats on this blog. Thank you for your encouragement and I am about to go and check out the foreign language stuff you recommend.