Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twas the Wednesday Before Christmas

Who Wants to do My Christmas Wrapping For Me?

I truly meant to start wrapping last night.  It just slipped my mind.  I definitely have to do it tonight.  I have no excuses because I have a bigger house and more storage space (more hiding places too).  Why do I hate wrapping so much?   I don't hate it just a strong dislike and a procrastinating nature finds me up every Christmas Eve late to finish it.  Not this year though because I have to work Christmas Day.  

Work had free wrapping for up to 3 gifts but I forgot to take some gifts in, plus I am particular about the paper matching.  Who cares about that right?  It'll all be torn to bits in a matter of seconds.  My mom used to wrap stuff in newspaper.

I am going to cut this short today.  It's late now I started this earlier in the day.  Now I really do have to think about wrapping my gifts.  We are having some old friends over tomorrow for dinner and fun.        

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