Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Water Damaged MacBook Suddenly Started Working Today

Yes, you read that right.  She began to work properly today.  I can't be happier.  I thought she was dead and beyond repair (the cost to fix her would have been slightly less than to replace her all together).  My kids think it was the elf-on-the-shelf we named Jingle's doing.  Maybe it was magic.

Maybe it was that I left it alone for about a month and just turned it on for the first time today because all the other computers were being used for school-work.  Who knows but it works.  It was damaged by my 6 year old dumping a whole glass of water on it while it was on.  It was filtered water as though that makes any difference.

Thought I'd share my great news.  Now I'll be posting a lot more often.


  1. Just found this through a google search of "Macbook water damaged suddenly works" because mine too was suddenly resurrected today! About half a pint of beer (!!!!!!!) was spillt on it - there was a shortage sound and a flash from within then it turned off and hasn't been on since early February as it wouldn't charge or recognise a power source.

    The repair cost quoted to me by Apple of this FOUR MONTH OLD macbook Pro was also a little less than buying a new one, so I declined...... 2 months after the spill I decided to plug it in for no particular reason, and it just turned on - absolutely no issues! I am beyond happy!

    Anyone else who stumbles upon here - leave it alone for a few months! Don't give in to Apple and their high repair costs - it'll dry up on it's own (in a warm place) and come back to life with some patience and faith!